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How To Draw A Watch

Watch! not the verb but the the noun. The name is exactly for this reason.

Today our object is a common one. A watch is something that we can not imagine our life without. We all have if not many then at least one watch in our houses. Not only the house but everywhere you can think of.

The watches you see today were not the same few years back. They evolved with time for centuries. First we had the sand clocks, spring tied watches, clock towers, pocket watches then gradually came the modern wrist watches. This wonderful mechanical devise helps us to keep the track of time.

Today we will draw the very regular watches we see on the walls. Take out your tools – pencils, eraser and sharpener to begin. Chose to sit somewhere you can see the watch so that you can take inspiration from the real object. You can also keep a track of time of your drawing. Now let’s start!

How To Draw A Watch

Step 1

In the very first step, we will be making the outline of our watch. Here we have chosen the round shape for our clock. You can take the shape of the watch you are now looking at or any shape you want.

First, just make the outline of the shape then move towards the next step and add details.

How To Draw A Watch Step 1

Step 2

One fascinating thing about watches are they have some designs. Here our watch is a little tilted so the design will also be tilted. Though it is not mandatory, it will give the drawing some uniqueness.

I will be doing an elegant design. So first we will be making a semi circle on the outer side of the circle, leaving some space in between. Make sure it is covers most of the circle.

Then, curve the ends outwards on the both side. Remember you can design it any way you want it to.

How To Draw A Watch Step 2

Step 3

Next, add some details around the edges. For this, we will make some bunch of half circles around the semicircle that we drew in the last step. After that make another curved shape line around the end join both of them to give them a shape. Make sure to round the edges.

To give it a 3d effect, draw a line from the top corner, the top lining then bring it the middle and end it. If you have a similar picture, you can roll with it.

How To Draw A Watch Step 3

Step 4

According to our drawing we have some space in the middle. For this we will make a ring shape and a flower in between. It will look like a flower pot. Make sure to join and close all the ends.

How To Draw A Watch Step 4

Step 5

In  this step, we will just be adding the numbers. As we all know most of the wall watches are  analogue so we will only do till 12.

Now that we have the numbers drawn, we will need the pointer to point. A watch usually has three pointers – hourly, minute and second. But now there are alterations. Nowadays most of the watches have two pointers. So here we will draw two pointers only. To make the pointers, just draw tow lines and join the ends and stretch in a singular line. Make sure one pointer is slightly smaller than the other one.

Then you can also add some details in the middle oh the watch. Draw a tiny circle to show the screw that holds the pointers together. And make a bigger circle around the pointers to make it interesting.

Take the picture below as the visual guide. Once you are done, move on to the next step.

How To Draw A Watch Step 5

Step 6

Now it is time to color our watch. Here I am choosing to combine blue and grey for the watch.

The outer layer except for the designs, will be filled with blue. The inner layer will be in grey. make the small circle red and the pointers black. Next are the designs, As we have done some elegant designs, we will color them in golden or yellow ocher.

Finally outline everything with a black marker and you are done.

How much time did you take?

How To Draw A Watch Step 6

A Watch Coloring Page

A Watch Coloring Page

Download “A Watch Coloring Page” A-Watch-Coloring-Page.pdf – Downloaded 124 times – 167.89 KB

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