How To Draw A Banana Leaf | Easy Step-By-Step Guide

The banana plant is a unique one with loads of benefits and multiple usages. There isn’t one part of the plant that is thrown away without any specific utilization.

A banana leaf is used for wrapping or serving dishes in many tropical regions. It is also used for steaming various dishes by wrapping them within the leaves.

Now, coming to the main part, let us learn how to draw this!


Banana Leaf

How To Draw A Banana Leaf: Step By Step Instruction

The leaves of a banana plant are very large and wide. They come in various shades of green and look really lively and fresh compared to the other leaves of plants.

Drawing them won’t be that hard if you follow our guide.

Things required to draw a banana leaf:

    • White sheet of paper
    • A pencil
    • An eraser
    • Pastel colors (if needed)

Scroll Down to Download How To Draw A Banana Leaf Coloring Page

How To Draw Banana Leaf Step 1

Step 1:

The very first step is to draw the spine of the leaves.

Make a curved line starting right from the top left of the page and drag it towards the bottom, just like the picture above.

Make another line similar in shape and size, starting a little narrower at first and eventually broadening up towards the bottom.

Add the three spikes leaving a certain gap in between.

How To Draw Banana Leaf Step 2

Step 2:

Now, draw the structure of the leaf, as shown above. Start a little narrower and make it wider towards the bottom.

Remember, the border of the leaf will not be a straight line. There are many breaks in between.

Follow the pattern and you will have no problem drawing it at all!

How To Draw Banana Leaf Step 3

Step 3:

Join the border of the leaf by again making the line narrow towards the end.

Make sure, the spikes of the leaves should not fall near the gaps that you have left in between.

How To Draw Banana Leaf Step 4

Step 4:

Now draw the other side of the leaf in the same manner but try to make the lines crooked as shown in the picture.

Leave two gaps again in between to make it look real.

How To Draw Banana Leaf Step 5

Step 5:

Join the other side of the leaf in a similar manner by making it narrower towards the end.

Add two more gaps in between, just like the image above.

How To Draw Banana Leaf Step 6

Step 6:

Undoubtedly the most awaited part of a drawing is the coloring!

Take two shades of green, one lighter and one a bit darker, and color the leaf portion with the lighter shade.

The dark green should go in the stem and the spikes, just as shown in the picture.

In order to color neatly, apply the shades first by outlining the respective areas and then try to fill the middle portion. Isn’t it easy now?

Your banana leaf is ready!


You can also add a pretty background to make the drawing more realistic. Like a pretty scenery would be sufficient.


Did you know?

A single banana leaf might grow up to 12 feet in length, which is much larger than the height of a fully grown adult!

Download Banana Leaf Coloring Page

Banana Leaf Coloring Page

Download “How To Draw Banana Leaf” Banana-Leaf-Coloring-Page.pdf – Downloaded 146 times – 106.55 KB

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