How To Draw A Kitty | Easy Step-By-Step Guide

How To Draw A Kitty

Kitty is a popular character who is a female cat. This famous character was launched in 1974 afterward; she has become famous in many fashion items. So in this step-by-step guide, we have thoroughly instructed how can you easily draw a Kitty.

Children and the younger generation love to carry Kitty’s printable items and after drawing and coloring Kitty, you can use them in creating different printable as well.

So, if you also like to wear or use Kitty’s printable items, you can look at this guide once. You can get a great idea about Kitty’s drawing and then draw yourself several times for your use!

Let’s scroll down to learn the steps!

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How To Draw A Kitty

How To Draw A Kitty: Easy Step By Step Instructions 

To draw a cute little Kitty, you must gather the essential utensils for this drawing. They are as follows.

  • A sharpen pencil
  • An eraser
  • A sharpener (if required)
  • A black sketch pen (if required)
  • Long white paper (if required)
  • Pastel color box (if required)

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How To Draw A Kitty Step 1

Step 1:

The initial step is elementary, where you have to draw a half circle on a short upper side of your paper. You can use a compass, or you can do it manually!

Do not join the circle; keep the upper side blank.

How To Draw A Kitty Step 2

Step 2:

In the second step, we tried to complete the face outline of Kitty. So, to draw the face outline, you need to sketch two ears of the Kitty at first on the blank space which you have left on the first step.

Afterward, the recognizable element of Kitty, i.e., her bow on the head, needs to be drawn in this step. Here, we have drawn a flower clip on her head!

How To Draw A Kitty Step 3

Step 3:

If you have completed the second step, you can proceed to the third step, in which you need to add more designs to her dress!

How To Draw A Kitty Step 4

Step 4:

First, you need to draw Kitty’s hands which will be tiny and rounded. After drawing the hands, the front side design of her dress required to be drawn, which would be matched with her bow.

We have drawn a flower-shaped bow, so we have drawn the flower shapes! If you want, you can add more designs to her dress!

How To Draw A Kitty Step 5

Step 5:

In the fifth step, we have drawn her super adorable legs! If you notice carefully, you will understand that the total drawing is based on round shapes.

In order to draw her legs, you need to draw two ovals below her hands, which will be larger than her hands. Precisely on the bottom part, join the two huge ovals with a curved stroke.

How To Draw A Kitty Step 6

Step 6:

If you have completed the fifth step, then you can understand that the body outline of Kitty has been done already; now, the left portion is her eyes and nose. In order to draw her eyes, you add two dots on her face towards the top.

After that, draw a round after leaving a space in the middle of the two eyes. Then draw three whiskers on both sides of her face, and your outline drawing is complete!

How To Draw A Kitty Step 7

Step 7:

This is the final step, in which we have applied colors, and we all know that Kitty’s whole body is white. So, we have used multiple colors for her bow and the other flowers on her body. And in this image, we have drawn Kitty’s dress also!

If you want to give different colors then you can apply!

Your Kitty is ready to play with you!

A Kitty Coloring Page

A Kitty Coloring Page

Download “A Kitty Coloring Page” A-Kitty-Coloring-Page.pdf – Downloaded 297 times – 144.63 KB

Want To Learn How to Color A Kitty? Here’s How To Do it.

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