How To Draw Maple Tree | Easy Step By Step Guide

How To Draw Maple Tree

Maple trees have more than 132 breeds throughout the world. Generally, maple trees are used to make different furniture, flooring or plywood. If you love Maple Trees, then you might love this Maple tree drawing tutorial!

We have shown step-by-step guide on how to draw a single Maple tree in this drawing tutorial by dividing the drawing into six steps. So, you must follow all the steps to recreate the Maple tree drawing successfully.


How To Draw Maple Tree: Easy Step By Step Instructions

Before starting the drawing, gathering the drawing components are mandatory. So, the drawing components for this drawing are drawing pencils (you can gather more than one), a sharpener for sharpening the pencils, and an eraser.

On the other hand, you can also gather colors such as watercolor, pastel color, colorful sketch pens etc. Drawing paper, board, ruler, and compass can also be arranged.

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How To Draw Maple Tree Step 1

1st Step 

After arranging the drawing component, we start drawing the Maple tree. So in the initial step, we have just drawn a curved-vertical line.

You have to do it manually because the line will be curved. It would be best to draw from the middle-below portion of your drawing paper.

How To Draw Maple Tree Step 2

2nd Step 

As we all have drawn a tree and stem, it will not be so difficult to draw the Maple tree’s stem. So, in the second step, you must draw the head of the Maple Tree’s branches. You need to draw more curved strokes on the head portion, which will be shorter.

How To Draw Maple Tree Step 3

3rd Step 

You can proceed to the third step if you have finished the second step! In this step, we have extended the drawing of the Maple Tree’s branches. We have added more stems, and these look great together.

We drew only one Maple Tree in this example, but you can easily draw more than one. Because the more you practice, you can make a flawless drawing at the end.

How To Draw Maple Tree Step 4

4th Step 

This is the fourth step, where we have added one more branches on the left side. It is your choice whether you will add more branches or not!

After that, you need to start the outline of small Maple leaves, which are so cute to look at. As you know, Maple leaves have three segments in one leaf. If you still have any doubts, then you can see the video tutorial!

How To Draw Maple Tree Step 5

5th Step 

For drawing this step, you might need longer time! Because in this step, we have drawn multiple Maple leaves, which look amazing together. You can divide these fifth steps into two or three steps.

You need to draw single Maple leaves together. In order to give a realistic look, you can draw some fallen leaves also!

How To Draw Maple Tree Step 6

6th Step 

We have reached the final step! In the above image, we have shown a beautiful colored Maple tree. There are different colored Maple leaves which you can see abroad.

But in this image, we have applied the usual color of the Maple leaves, which are orange and yellow. You can use Black or Red color on the Maple leaves.

Your Maple Tree drawing is ready!

Maple Tree Coloring Page

Maple Tree Coloring Page

Download “Maple Tree Coloring Page” Maple-Tree-Coloring-Page-.pdf – Downloaded 352 times – 178.24 KB

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