How To Draw A Tennis Ball | Easy Step-By-Step Guide

How To Draw A Tennis Ball

Tennis sport is a famous sport for which the tennis ball is designed. The balls are made of leather or other similar materials, but they are always based on rubber materials. You can draw a tennis ball quickly by following the below guidelines.

Tennis balls are also called dead balls. The Tennis game started first in the 19th century in Birmingham, England. Tennis balls are generally played using rackets, but in the early times, people used to play with tennis balls with their hands.

You can follow the drawing tutorials for sketching a perfect tennis ball. We have divided four step-by-step guides for the tutorials.

How To Draw A Tennis Ball

How To Draw A Tennis Ball: Easy Step By Step Instructions

Before starting this drawing, you need to gather some drawing elements, such as a pencil of your choice and a sharpener. No one cannot draw perfectly at once; therefore, you need an eraser which you must not forget to gather before the drawing.

You will need a lengthy white paper, and the paper size and type will be your choice. After finishing the drawing, if you want, then you can outline the border by using a black marker pen. So you can take a black marker pen also.

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How To Draw A Tennis Ball Step 1

Step 1:

As we all know, tennis balls are rounded, so you need to draw a round with the help of a compass. You can do it manually also if you draw a perfect round.

You can use your entire page for the drawing because we have only highlighted the tennis ball here.

How To Draw A Tennis Ball Step 2

Step 2:

The previous step is elementary, so I hope you have completed that! In the second step, you are required to draw two curved lines on the upper-left side of the tennis ball.

How To Draw A Tennis Ball Step 3

Step 3:

After completing the second step, you can recheck your drawing with the above figure! You can add to this step if you have made some mistakes.

So, in the third step, the other curved line needs to be drawn, which will be more extensive compared to the previous ones. After this step, the curved lines will look like a horseshoe.

How To Draw A Tennis Ball Step 4

Step 4:

This is the fourth step where we have painted the tennis ball. We have applied light green, the tennis ball’s actual colour.

If you make this drawing for fun purposes, you can add the eyes and mouth of the tennis ball! Otherwise, you can apply light green or light yellow colors.

Your Tennis Ball is ready to play!

A Tennis Ball Coloring Page

A Tennis Ball Coloring Page

Download “A Tennis Ball Coloring Page” A-Tennis-Ball-Coloring-Page.pdf – Downloaded 417 times – 113.13 KB

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