How To Draw Captain Hook | Easy Step-By-Step Guide

How to Draw Captain Hook

Captain James Hook is a famous antagonist in the play Peter Pan (1904) by J.M. Barrie. He is the captain of the ship and obviously the arch enemy of Peter Pan.

He has a hook in his left hand, which he uses as a weapon. He also has bushy eyebrows and wears a dramatic uniform along with a big hat to look scary!


How To Draw Captain Hook

How To Draw Captain Hook: Step By Step Instruction

In order to draw Captain Hook’s structure, we are going to require a few necessary things like:

  • A plain white drawing paper
  • A pencil
  • An eraser
  • Pastel colors

Now, as we have acquired all the items, let us go through the step-by-step guide and finish our drawing.

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How To Draw Captain Hook Step 1

Step 1:

Let us first start off with the big hat of Captain Hook. The hat is almost shaped like a triangle. Try to trace the outlines of the feathers and the hat, as shown in the picture above.

If this seems to be a little difficult for you, draw a triangle at first and then try to give the shape of the hat and feather. Is it easy now?

How To Draw Captain Hook Step 2

Step 2:

The face of Captain Hook is our next target. Simply try and make an oval shape just below the hat and then draw the eyes, nose, mustache and lips.

Then, make that extra wavy hair on both sides of the face to complete the evil-looking captain’s face.

Also, draw the wavy collar like the alphabet ‘S’ and simply join the ends.

How To Draw Captain Hook Step 3

Step 3:

The main part of Captain Hook is his hook-shaped hand! Draw the hand starting from the right side of the page, just below the hair.

Make two lines shaped like the alphabet ‘J’, just in a slanted form. Add the detailed touches and then make the structure of the hook to finish the hand.

How To Draw Captain Hook Step 4

Step 4:

Make the coat of the captain starting just below the wavy collar. The coat is almost shaped like a girl’s skirt!

Make it wider towards the bottom, just like how it is shown in the picture above.

After you have successfully drawn the coat, draw the other hand by simply making two lines stretched towards the left side of the paper.

Add the small details and draw the fingers at last to finish the hand.

How To Draw Captain Hook Step 5

Step 5:

Draw the sword just starting between the thumb and the index finger. Extend the lines downwards as shown in the picture and let them meet at last. Also, do not forget the handle of the sword!

Next, draw the left leg with the help of two parallel lines and end it just near the tip of the sword. Add the details of the knees as well.

Draw the over-dramatic shoes and do not forget to draw the socks!

How To Draw Captain Hook Step 6

Step 6:

Draw the other leg in a similar pattern and make sure the legs are somewhat similar in structure and size.

Add small details like shoes and socks to complete the structure of the leg.

How To Draw Captain Hook Step 7

Step 7:

Now, after completing the structure, it is time to color it!

Color the hat and coat in red as shown above and add yellow to the border of the coat and the handle of the sword.

The feather of the hat, collar, frills near the wrist and socks are white in color. While the shoes and hair should be black.

The leggings/pant that he is wearing inside is maroon.

Complete the coloring by keeping in mind that the colors should not go beyond the boundary of the pencil.

You can also add a background of seas and ships to complete the overall set-up.


Your Captain Hook is ready to set a voyage in the sea!


Download Captain Hook Coloring Page

 Captain Hook Coloring Page

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