How To Draw Rain Boots: Easy Step By Step Guide

How To Draw Rain Boots

When we think about the monsoon, the only thing that comes to our mind after rain, raincoat and umbrella is certainly the rain boots. We have already learned to draw a raincoat; now it’s time to learn how to draw rainboots.

These boots are usually made of rubber, preventing our socks from getting wet and dirty. These also help us grip the slippery roads well so that we don’t slip.

Almost all of us have a pair of these. So now let’s learn to draw a pair of rain boots.

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How To Draw Rain Boots: Easy Step By Step Instructions

Step 1

In the initial step, we will draw the basic structure of the boot. First, draw a straight line, then curve and stretch outwards, and again curve and bring it inwards.

Next, we will make another straight line and then make the hill of the boot. For that, make a triangular shape with an extended side and smoothed edges. Draw another curved line around the front, and we are done with this step.

If you have a similar picture to the one below, you are ready to move forward to the next step.

Click Here to Download How To Draw Rain Boots Coloring Page

How To Draw Rain Boots Step 1

Step 2

Now to make the bottom of the sole, first make a line tracing the shape bottom. Then make some rectangular shapes at the end to make it more realistic.

How To Draw Rain Boots Step 2

Step 3

In this step, we will be adding a few more details to it. Start off with a circle at the top. Make two circles, one inside another. Make two semi-circles from the edges to make the boot’s straps.

Still, the boot is a bit boring for us. So we will add some patterns to make it more lively. Make a curved line around the forefoot and a few circles around the calf.

How To Draw Rain Boots Step 3

Step 4

As we have our one boot ready, we now have to follow similar steps from the beginning and make another boot to complete the pair. Just make sure the second boot is half visible, as this one will be behind the first boot.

How To Draw Rain Boots Step 4

Step 5

In this step, following the previous process, make the soles.

How To Draw Rain Boots Step 5

Step 6

Complete the rest of the boot. And we are ready to move forward.

How To Draw Rain Boots Step 6

Step 7

This step is the most fun part of the drawing. Take out your crayons and get ready to paint. Choose a bright shade of blue and color the calf and forefoot of the boot. Then with two shades of green, make stripes inside the circles. The straps are mostly black, so color them in black. For the rim of the circles and the line under the fore foot, choose a bright shade of yellow and green for the soles.

And Ta-da! We are done.

How To Draw Rain Boots Step 7

Rain Boots Coloring Page  

Rain Boots Coloring Page

Download “Rain Boots Coloring Page” Rain-Boots-Coloring-Page.pdf – Downloaded 401 times – 135.56 KB

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