How To Draw A Flying Dragon | Easy Step By Step Guide

How To Draw A Flying Dragon

Dragons are mythical creatures that are prevalently mentioned in cultural legends, folklores and fairytales from different cultures of several countries spread all over the world. They are majestic beings that resemble reptiles through their scaled skins and colorful physical appearances.

Most children are intrigued by dragons for their colorful looks and the fact that they breath fire, hence, several of them like to dress up in dragon costumes, play with toy dragons or draw these creatures using their imagination and creativity.

Many animated shows, movies, cartoon characters, costumes and other fun activities involve dragons, helping the kids learn and know about these creatures, although they are not real. This guide helps you to learn about the outlook of a cartoon dragon alongside providing a simple list of instructions to teach you how to draw one.

The guide is based on How To Draw A Flying Dragon and it teaches you the drawing procedure in slow and simple parts, using 8 instructive and easily understandable steps. Try to follow the steps with precision in their respective orders to perfectly draw the cartoon of a flying dragon.

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To start with your drawing, you shall need some art supplies. Arrange them before you begin with your work in order to continue the drawing process without interruptions. You can check and match the basic items that are needed from the below list to make sure you have all the required supplies ready with you.

  • A pencil
  • An eraser
  • A sharpener (if needed)
  • A ruler (if needed)
  • A compass (if needed)
  • A white paper of drawing book
  • A black pen
  • Coloring pencils, pastels or crayons

Scroll Down to Download How To Draw A Flying Dragon Coloring Page

How To Draw A Flying Dragon Step 1

Step 1:

Try to draw an uneven and inclined half circle, positioning it near the center of the drawing sheet. You can use a compass to draw an initial trace line and map on it with a stronger final stroke to attain a perfect result. Make one end of the line steeper than the other.

Add a small rounded curve on the other end. For proportional referance, you can look at the listed picture for better clarity.


How To Draw A Flying Dragon Step 2

Step 2:

Draw a similar curve below the previous one. Make one of its ends steeper than the other such that the two lines incline closer to each other. Make the bulge in this curve deeper than the first one.


How To Draw A Flying Dragon Step 3

Step 3:

Add a wavy triangle to the steep end at an angle to form the tail structure of the Flying Dragon. Draw several inverted V shapes which shall resemble triangles if perfectly made, and place them on the upper outline at even intervals, to form the spiky back of the Dragon.

Make the outline of the cartoon Dragon’s face using multiple wavy curves and placing them as per the reference picture above. Draw two co-joined oval shapes on the top to form the Dragon’s eyes.


How To Draw A Flying Dragon Step 4

Step 4:

Try to draw the legs of the Flying Dragon using curvy U shapes and bending them in the middle to look like the knee joints. Add three curvy triangles on each to make the nails on the Dragon’s legs, making the cartoony structure more detailed.


How To Draw A Flying Dragon Step 5

Step 5:

Similarly, draw two other U shapes in bigger sizes and repeat the above step to successfully draw the arms of the Dragon. You can try to make a trace line using soft strokes so that you can erase your mistakes without bold pencil marks. Once you feel satisfied with the outlines, draw a deeper line on the final result to get distinct lines.


How To Draw A Flying Dragon Step 6

Step 6:

Form a bulgy curve in the middle of the body structure. You can use a compass to map the line if needed. Join the ends and add more perpendicular curves attached to the bottom two lines to make the belly of the Dragon, detailing it with scales.

Add two smaller circles, one in each oval shaped eye to form the eyeballs. Draw an inclined and small oval near the mouth of the Dragon to make its nostril. Try to structure the flying eyebrows, you can draw an eyebrow using two curves with different bulges and join the ends. Repeat the same for the other eyebrow.

How To Draw A Flying Dragon Step 7

Step 7:

In the case of this Flying Dragon drawing, you have to flaunt the wings of the dragon to make it fly. Try to make two straight lines joined at a wide angle to draw a wing. Add more straight lines from the joining point and stretch them out. Draw some waves to connect these lines and you shall get a webbed wing, perfect for this Flying Dragon.

Repeat these steps to draw the second wing and try to position it beside the first one in close proximity to give a realistic look to the wings and making it seem that the Dragon is flying. This step helps you to complete the entire outlining of the Flying dragon.


How To Draw A Flying Dragon Step 8

Step 8:

Use vibrant colors in bright tones to color the skin of the Dragon. Try to choose contrasting colors for the belly and the rest of the body. Make the wings with two complementary colors to make them look better. You can play with the tones to make your Dragon.

Add further details in the scale or form a shadow effect using darker shades to make the drawing of the Flying Dragon more realistic.


A Flying Dragon Coloring Page

A Flying Dragon Coloring Page

Download “A Flying Dragon Coloring Page” A-Flying-Dragon-Coloring-Page.pdf – Downloaded 449 times – 147.04 KB


This simple guide has elaborate instructions and understandable reference pictures to help you learn how to draw a Flying Dragoon with clarity.

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