How to Draw Rain: Easy Step By Step Guide

Kids love to go out and play. Monsoon makes it a more enjoyable experience. The rain creates mud puddles on fields, and parks get all muddy. Kids somehow love it. We can make use of this opportunity to engage them in doing a delightful activity.

Drawing is fun, and drawing something relatable is more. So if it is raining outside or monsoon is around the corner, what would be better to draw rather than rain? So wear the rain boots and raincoat and take out your tools to paint and get ready to learn to draw rain in a few steps with us.

How to Draw Rain


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How To Draw Rain: Easy Step By Step Instructions

Step 1

In the initial step, we will draw the cloud. To start, we will draw a wiggly line from the upper part of the page. Move the pencil in a circular motion while making the wiggly lines. Make sure to connect both lines. When you are done, you will get a shape, something like the below-given picture.

Click Here to Download How To Draw Rain Coloring Page

How to Draw Rain Step 1

Step 2

Now to move forward, make another cloud in the same procedure. This cloud should be bigger than the previous one as it will be behind the front cloud.

This procedure will be the same, but it should not look alike. The line of the cloud will start from a side of the small cloud and end in a corner beneath it.

How to Draw Rain Step 2

Step 3

In this step, we will make a few more clouds. You can make as many as you want.

Following the previous process, make the rest of the clouds. Make some of the clouds half visible to appear them more realistic.

Next, add some minor details to make them more lively. Draw some semi-circles under the curves of the cloud around the top. In the end, you will be left with a similar picture underneath.

How to Draw Rain Step 3

Step 4

Rain is one of the most crucial elements of the world. We all are alive and getting food because of the rain. So how can we forget the raindrops?

In this step, we will make the raindrops. For this, we will make some shapes of water droplets. To make this easier for you, we can call it the exclamation mark without the dots. Draw as many as you can. Make sure to give it a triangular shape. So the number of droplets will decrease as you move downwards.

Take the picture as a visual guide.

How to Draw Rain Step 4

Step 5

Now it’s time to paint. Start with a dark shade of blue, maybe indigo, and color the smallest cloud. Then take a lighter shade of blue or sky blue, and fill all the remaining clouds. Now with the same blue shade color, the raindrops too.

For shading, take a darker shade of blue. Darker than indigo, it could be denim or sapphire blue. Then border the clouds inwards. Finally, take a black marker and border the lines in the clouds and the outline of the raindrops.

Now you can sing some rhymes on rain as we have our rain drawn.

How to Draw Rain Step 5

Rain Coloring Page

Rain Coloring Page

Download “Rain Coloring Page” Rain-Coloring-Page.pdf – Downloaded 58 times – 126.08 KB

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