How To Draw Boxing Gloves | Easy Step By Step Guide

How To Draw Boxing Gloves

Boxing is a form of combat sport with two participants who have to punch and hit the opponent under some specified guidelines to defeat them. The sportspersons need to wear protective guards on their faces, in their mouths, over the joints, and on their hands for protection against severe injuries.

Boxers need to wear specific gloves made for the sport, and they are called Boxing Gloves. These gloves are particularly made for boxing, and they have cushions in them for better support and grip. Many children love boxing as a fun sport, and these gloves are available for the children participants as well.

If you want to draw a pair of Boxing Gloves, you can seek guidance from the set of instructions on how to draw a Boxing Glove enlisted below with elaborate, part-by-part descriptive techniques to draw and reference pictures alongside for visual assistance.

This simple guide presents you with 9 easy steps on How To Draw Boxing Gloves pair. You have to follow them with precision and understand the directions before implementing them in your drawing. Maintain the sequential order of the steps to get a perfect drawing of your Boxing Gloves.

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How To Draw Boxing Gloves: Easy Step By Step Instructions

Before you start drawing the Boxing Gloves using the following steps, you need to make sure you have all the necessary art supplies with you, to complete the drawing accurately without any interruptions. You can check and match them to the list provided below to ensure that you possess all the required items.

  • A pencil
  • A sharpener (if needed)
  • A ruler (if needed)
  • A compass (if needed)
  • An eraser
  • A white paper or drawing book
  • A black pen
  • Colors ( pastels, crayons or pencils)

Click Here to Download How To Draw A Boxing Gloves Coloring Page

How To Draw Boxing Gloves Step 1

Step 1:

To begin with your Boxing Gloves, you need to draw a curvy and inclined U shape. Make it bulgy and extend one arm of the shape in a rounded way. Take reference from the picture to get a better idea.

How To Draw Boxing Gloves Step 2

Step 2:

Draw a curvy line resembling a cartoon ocean wave by drawing a circle and extending its arm along a curve instead of joining the endpoints. Keep these lines attached to one another. You can use a compass to get better lines if you are not happy with your freehand drawing.

How To Draw Boxing Gloves Step 3

Step 3:

Make some wavy lines and two thin U shapes over one another to form the outline of one glove. Add details with double-layered lines. Form an inverted U shape to further continue the glove outline.

How To Draw Boxing Gloves Step 4

Step 4:

Join the opening formed inside the thin U shape using three bold crosses with thick outlines and place them at even intervals for a more realistic outcome. Try to make shadow strokes using small curvy lines along the outline of the thumb and create them in uneven but similar sizes.

Add more folding details near the palm area using parallel curves.

How To Draw Boxing Gloves Step 5

Step 5:

Draw two parallel straight lines from the top and extend them. Keep the lines close enough to resemble a lace or a string and draw a curvy droplet shape on its top to form a bow. You can use a ruler to draw the string lines if you want.

How To Draw Boxing Gloves Step 6

Step 6:

Use a compass for reference or make them by free-handing the lines to draw a rounded and curvy structure beside the previous glove outline. Try to maintain the size and shape proportions to match both gloves since they belong to the same pair.

How To Draw Boxing Gloves Step 7

Step 7:

Create the arm support that stays connected to the bottom of the Boxing Gloves using small and uneven lines and join them using another perpendicular curve. Layer the curve with a similar line below it to add more details to the glove structure. Add some curves and waves inside the outline to shape the folded areas in a realistic way.

How To Draw Boxing Gloves Step 8

Step 8:

Draw more straight lines parallel to each other from its top and connect them to the previous point where you placed the bow line. Draw another droplet shape as a mirror reflection to the previous one, but keep in mind to slightly alter its shape and size to make the bow look more real.

With this step done, you shall have completed the outline of the Boxing Gloves, and your drawing is ready to get colored!

How To Draw Boxing Gloves Step 9

Step 9:

You can choose any vibrant, bright color for your drawing of the Boxing Gloves, and you can add details using different tones of colors. You can even implement a shadow effect using darker shades for the edges to make the drawing look three-dimensional.

Use any color you want and trace over the entire drawing with a black pen once you are done with the colors, to get a clean drawing with distinct outlines.

Boxing Gloves Coloring Page

Boxing Gloves Coloring Page

Download “Boxing Gloves Coloring Page” Boxing-Gloves-Coloring-Page.pdf – Downloaded 314 times – 141.47 KB


You can use this simple guide to easily draw a pair of Boxing Gloves with perfection.

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