How To Draw A Cute Ghost | Easy Step By Step Guide

How To Draw A Cute Ghost

While ghosts are scary objects in general, there are several instances where they are represented in playful and cute ways. From funny cartoons, comedy shows on television, and online games to Halloween costumes, cute versions of ghosts are commonly seen in different fields.

You can draw a cute cartoon version of an adorable ghost easily in a few steps. You can draw such lovely ghost animations for Halloween cards, school projects, or to simply enjoy a fun activity. Since ghosts have no fixed outlooks, you can be imaginative and create your own cartoon versions.

This guide has a set 6 steps that have been made by disintegrating the process of drawing a cute ghost, and are enlisted below. Follow them according to their orders and you can attain a perfect drawing of a lovely ghost.

While drawing the ghost, make sure you draw it with a cute face to enhance its cartoony feel. You can add further details after completing the drawing based on the below-listed instructions if you want. For instance, adding some glasses or hats can make it look funnier! Here is an another example of cartoon version drawing in the form of a Cartoon World.

Watch “How To Draw and “A Cute Ghost” Video Tutorial

How To Draw A Cute Ghost: Easy Step By Step Instructions

Before you start drawing the ghost cartoon, you have to assemble a few art supplies to get the job perfectly done. Here is a list of some of the basic things that you shall need to draw with ease.

  • A pencil
  • A sharpener (if necessary)
  • An eraser
  • A white paper or drawing book
  • A ruler (if necessary)
  • A compass (if necessary)
  • A black pen
  • Color pencils, crayons or pastels.

Click Here to Download How To Draw A Cute Ghost Coloring Page

How To Draw A Cute Ghost Step 1

Step 1:

Draw an oval in the center of your paper. You can use a compass if you want. You have to extend the bottom two sides into a wavy tail-like structure, connecting to the oval. Erase the rest of the oval outline that lies inside the tail. Once done accurately, you shall get a shape similar to the one in the above picture.

How To Draw A Cute Ghost Step 2

Step 2:

Add two small circles on the top portion of the shape you just drew. Use a compass if you need and make sure the circles are of similar sizes and they lay on the same horizon. This step completes the eye structure of your cartoon ghost.

How To Draw A Cute Ghost Step 3

Step 3:

Draw another circle below these two circles while positioning it in between the above ones. Add a curvy line on its top and make two curves on each end to resemble a smiling mouth.

How To Draw A Cute Ghost Step 4

Step 4:

Next, you have to draw two wavy U shapes that are inclined and face in other. You can take visual reference from the above picture. As you can see, these shapes shall form the arms of your animated ghost. Try to make the shapes like hands by bending them slightly in the middle, hinting at the elbows.

Join the two arms and once you are satisfied, you can see the cartoon character coming alive with its cute hands and adorable smile.

How To Draw A Cute Ghost Step 5

Step 5:

Add two parallel lines very close to each other on the top of the joining point of the arms. Continue the lines from the bottom of the arms to form a stick. You can use a ruler to draw perfectly straight lines. This step completes the outline of your cute ghost that is snacking on a lollipop.

How To Draw A Cute Ghost Step 6

Step 6:

Add colors to your drawing. Try to use lighter tones for the body of the ghost, like cream, white, off-white, or beige. Make the eyes dark using shades of black or brown. You can use vibrant, bright colors for the candy, making patterns or prints as you want. Color the stick in shades of brown.

To make the ghost look even cuter, add a pink or rose-shaded circle on each cheek, right below the eyes, to portray a blushing face. You can add shadows by using darker shades on the edges to make the drawing look three-dimensional.

A Cute Ghost Coloring Page

A Cute Ghost Coloring Page

Download “A Cute Ghost Coloring Page” A-Cute-Ghost-Coloring-Page.pdf – Downloaded 250 times – 122.48 KB

This uncomplicated guide on how to draw a Cute Ghost is designed using small, simple steps, one after another, that can be followed easily. The instructions are understandable, alongside the drawing guides provided.

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