How To Draw A Flame | Easy Step By Step Guide

How To Draw A Flame

The glowing and bright-colored gaseous matter produced from a fire is called a Flame. While the colors of the Flame vary based on the burning substance used in a fire, the most commonly seen version of the Flame usually has bright tones of red, orange, and yellow with a bluish or white colored center.

Children get exposed to the initial idea of fire in their homes, where they usually see the first visuals of a flame in their kitchen ovens, decorative candles, burning matchsticks, or learn about it from cartoons and movies. Most animated shows or real-life movies use graphical editing to make a fire scene, and cartoons use simple flame designs using uncomplicated lines and vibrant tones.

You can find interest in drawing a flame if you are learning about it recently or need to draw one for your school project or simply for a practice session. This simple guide has an elaborate set of instructions provided below, alongside reference pictures that help you learn how to draw a Flame.

The guide has a detailed, part-by-part disintegration of the process of drawing a Flame, divided into six easy steps that are uncomplicated and quite easy to understand. You have to follow them in their respective orders to perfectly draw an animated Flame.

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How To Draw A Flame: Easy Step By Step Instructions

To draw a Flame, you shall need some basic art supplies before you start with the drawing process. Arrange and keep them with you for an uninterrupted drawing experience. You can match them from the below list to make sure you possess all the necessary items in hand.

  • A pencil
  • A sharpener (if needed)
  • A compass (if needed)
  • An eraser
  • A white paper or drawing book
  • A black pen
  • Colors ( pastels, crayons or pencils)

Click Here to Download How To Draw Flame Coloring Page

How To Draw A Flame Step 1

Step 1:

Try to form a semi-circle using your freehand strokes or use a compass if you do not have enough confidence. Stretch the ends in the same angle using uneven lines and extend one side more than the other. Once you have finished, the structure should look similar to the line in the above picture.

How To Draw A Flame Step 2

Step 2:

Add several wavy lines using inverted U and V shapes, positioning them with accuracy based on your visuals to form the outline of a Flame. Try to keep the shapes and their sizes uneven and diverse. You have to use the trial-and-error method for the best results.

You can also use soft pencil strokes to form an initial trace line of the outline, and once you attain a satisfactory outcome, you can simply draw using your pencil while mapping along the final result with bold lines to make a distinct line drawing of the Flame’s structure.

How To Draw A Flame Step 3

Step 3:

A flame has different bright tones in it, visible distinctly in layers. To form the inner layers, you can draw curvy waves inside the previously made structure, resembling the Flame outline in a smaller, less detailed manner. Try to make the shape uneven but overall a bit similar to the previous line.

How To Draw A Flame Step 4

Step 4:

Repeat the previous step of forming the inner layers of the Flame and draw an even smaller outline this time. This step helps you in dividing your Flame structure into three individual layers. You can try to maintain the space intervals between them in a vague way to make the proportions look good and more realistic.

How To Draw A Flame Step 5

Step 5:

Add more layers using the similar method discussed in the previous steps. You have to make the layers as unequal and natural as you can. Erase your mistakes and try to create a better outline until you are satisfied with the final outcome. Once you are done, the structure of your Flame drawing is ready.

How To Draw A Flame Step 6

Step 6:

Color your drawing using bright shades of yellow, orange, and red. Try to create an ombre effect by transitioning the colors from lighter tones to deeper ones. You can begin with red, continue with orange and wend with yellow. The center has to be made the brightest, so use the lightest tone of yellow you have for that portion.

Get creative and use your imagination to create a unique Flame drawing. Once you are done coloring it, outline the entire drawing with a black pen to make it cleaner and more distinct. You can also play with other tones of colors to make your own mystic flames!

A Flame Coloring Page

A Flame Coloring Page

Download “A Flame Coloring Page” A-Flame-Coloring-Page.pdf – Downloaded 351 times – 120.59 KB


Use these simple instructive steps to draw a Flame through its uncomplicated, easily understandable format. You can color this Flame coloring page to make another flame drawing.

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